Who Can Take Riding Lessons?

Private and semi-private lessons are available for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and show preparation. All ages are welcome: youth and mature riders. Beginners will enjoy quiet yet responsive horses, while advanced riders will improve their riding skills on champion show horses. All lessons encourage both the fundamentals of horsemanship and the fellowship of riding and working as a team with all of us in the barn. We welcome you to join our supportive and family oriented atmosphere.

Beginner Lessons

A typical lesson can include the following:

  • basics of leading, handling, grooming, tacking
  • working on the lunge line (walk, sitting trot, posting trot)
  • learn to steer
  • basic patterns (circles, diagonals)
  • learn to control horse independently at walk and then trot
  • exercises to gain balance

Intermediate Lessons

A typical lesson can include the following:

  • learn to canter on the lunge line
  • independently control horse at walk, sitting trot, posting trot
  • trotting poles
  • transition work
  • regulating the horses rhythm and pace
  • intro to collection and extension
  • Intro to lateral work (leg yielding, bending, serpentine)
  • learn how to begin to soften horse and work as one

Advanced Lessons

A typical lesson can include the following:

  • independently control the horse at walk, trot, and canter
  • collection and extension of the gaits
  • ability to bend, soften and bridle horse
  • schooling and correcting your horse
  • patterns of different difficulty
  • trotting poles/jumping
  • learn ground work and training methods to do with your horse
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